Our Brands

At Tecnol we have 4 major brands – all with great experience manufacturing and distributing both nationally and internationally.
25 years of experience make our brands a great reference in the sector and the perfect choice.

+35.000 orders served annually
+100.000 clients trust us
masks manufactured +300 million
+7 5 0 technical products

IIR Surgical mask

First national factory of masks certified by AENOR with the ISO 13485. Leading manufacturer of Type IIR Surgical mask in Spain with
more than 300 thousand million masks produced and one of the biggest production capacity factories in the country.

We aim to equip cities in a more sustainable way. Specialised in street solar lighting, together with traffic signalling, urban furniture,
playground and park equipments, form a fundamental line of innovation in the improvement of urban equipment.

Experts in the distribution of biotechnology, waterproofing, insulation, chemicals, surfaces, resins and mortars, cleaning and
maintenance dedicated technical products with more than 750 products in our catalog.

Multipurpose adhesive and chemical manufacturer. More than 60.000 thousand square feet factory dedicated to the production of
epoxy, accelerators, polyurethanes, cleaners, cyanocrylates and anaerobics.

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