We want to help you repair the pool with the best quality:

Mar 8, 2021 | Product

Heat is just around the corner. What are you waiting for to start repairing the pool? We present you with the best products to make your pool, fountain, or pond perfect this summer.



  • DRAYFLEX PLUS: A very flexible waterproofing mortar. Indicated for areas where expansion movements of materials caused by changes in temperature that are expected. Also applicable are tanks, fissures, basements, half-cavities, and terraces.
  • LAMIFLEX: is a waterproof, non-woven textile sheet that is very quick and easy to install. It grips very well; it is light and thin. Also applicable are built-in showers and bathtubs, adapted bathrooms, collective showers, laundry rooms, container rooms, industrial kitchens, saunas, cutting rooms, fishmongers and markets, balconies, and terraces. Get your LAMIFLEX KIT quickly here.  



Before repairing the pool by applying a new grouting mortar, we recommend removing the remains of the previous joint with DESCANET GEL: a special cleaning material to remove the remains of cement and mortar.

  • MORNET FI: Grouting mortar for fine joints that can be applied in places with permanent humidity. Also applicable on: interior and exterior, walls and floors for a width of up to 4 mm, stoneware, pressed, extruded stoneware, tiles, marble, ceramic, grouting of particularly smooth and shiny floors (glazed stoneware, porcelain stoneware, marble, etc.) .
  • ADITIVE MORNET: Water substitute plasticizer. Improves the properties of the joint, transforming it into fungicide, algaecide, and anti-mold. Applicable for: All types of sealing and joint filling mortars in which a finish with excellent adhesion, resistant to water and cleaning products, is desired.
  • MORNET EPOXI: Grouting mortar is extra resistant to chemicals such as CHLORINE. Perfect for joints from 3 to 20 mm found in the pool or in outdoor water areas. Resists salts and freeze-thaw cycles. Also applicable in: laboratories, kitchens, industries, hospitals, etc.


  • MASITOP: A very elastic sealant plus adhesive that can be painted and varnished. Also applicable are: prefabricated panels, walkable floors, ducts, metal structures, aluminum joints, wood, waterproofing joints, tubes, galvanized sheets, baseboards, tiles, frames, wood, ceramics, tiles, glass, metals, concrete, mortar, and marble.


  • COLORLESS FIXFLEX: Transparent flexible epoxy adhesive that sticks under water and dries in just 10 minutes. Also applicable to: Metals, wood, glass/fiberglass, carbon fiber, concrete, ceramics, EPDM, liner, plastics, canvas, and neoprene.


  • WATER EPOXY PUTTY: A two-component solvent-free putty. These are two components that, when mixed, create a resistant mass to cover cracks and defects under water. It is suitable for salt and fresh water. Also applicable are concrete, steel, fiberglass, and iron.


  • ESMALTEC WATER: Submersible polyurethane paint. It is specially developed to offer maximum resistance to CHLORINE, SALT and UV RAYS. Also applicable are: fiberglass, stoneware, tiles, rigid and flexible PVC, methacrylate, metal, swimming pools, tanks, agricultural machinery, water slides, fountains, isothermal, and industrial machinery.
  • ESMALTEC WATER ANTI SLIP: Submersible polyurethane paint that offers a non-slip effect along with maximum resistance to CHLORINE, SALT and UV RAYS. We recommend applying it to pool stairs and ramps to prevent people from slipping. Also applicable are drinking water tanks, games, children’s water parks and slides, agricultural machinery, fountains, and industrial machinery.

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